I thought about it.

Maybe all this is happening for a reason.

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Tell me your life story.

Are you staying at this hotel?

Harris is the happiest person in the world right now.

Noemi picked up the TV remote and turned down the volume.

I've baked a cake for them.


It's cold in the winter, warm in the summer.

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The closest I have is a 38.

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Teruyuki forgot all about them.

Do you want to talk about what happened today?

You could lose everything if you're not careful.

How did you guys first meet each other?

I can understand this.

The battle was short.

He is punctual and discrete in his debts.

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I haven't seen the movie, nor do I want to.

He caught the ball.

He has big influence to fix the plan which the committee executes.


I hope I'm wrong, but I doubt it.

What have you eaten today?

I was visiting Duke in Boston.

Bruce has had the same boyfriend since she was eighteen.

Tareq doesn't hang out with Loren anymore.

I learn Turkish.

There is no shame in being poor.

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I'm going to try to quit drinking.

Erik is one of my friends.

She offered me some marmalade.

If he is proficient in English, I'll employ him.

It's a type of body piercing.

Raman and I'll wait for you.

This is what I bought in Spain.

There is no such thing as coincidence.

I feel I've already won.

I told Boyce Manolis didn't like him.

I used to not eat meat.

The construction team will have to work through the night to finish the job on time.

The plays of Shakespeare fall into four periods.

She's adjusting more and more to the new circumstances.

I have never thought about translating a book.


We still have an hour before we need to be there.

I think Julia is a genius.

He is not wearing a hat.

Don't trust him, whatever he says.

Sylvan wanted Lorien to go away.

Do you mind if I stay here?

Curtis is alone in his apartment.


"What were you doing staring at her boobs?" "What are you talking about?"

This packaging is hard to remove.

I wanted to hurt her.

You never call, you never call and you still call me 'friend'?

I understand you!

He must have stacked them up against the wall.

What have you got there?

He always tries to see the good in others.

Loyd wrinkled his nose.

There are lots of things to do.

It's increasingly trendy to drink coconut water.


Let her know what's happening.


I am completely exhausted.

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Joseph hasn't sung in years.


How much do the oranges cost?

I want to know what happened to your car.

If we are to be there at six, we will have to start now.

Women are beautiful.

I cannot trust what she says.


You can adjust this desk to the height of any child.

He was extraordinarily important in your life.

Is it accessible?

Two soldiers kept guard at the gate.

I am calling to make an appointment with you.

Kerri read it out loud.

Even a child knows that.

I told Bert about Alain.

Unfortunately, I am too busy now.


Do you remember what time Raanan said he'd be here?

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I used to like folk music.

He seems nice, but he's wicked at heart.

She installed herself in an easy chair.

How many times did Tolerant tell you to do that.

We're not in the jungle.

We've been through a lot.

Just between you and me, that fat ugly witch is on a diet.


I got all choked up when I heard the voice of Ryo over the telephone.


What's your father do?


I didn't understand a thing.

I think it would be better if I went alone.

Life was never meant to be easy.

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I didn't say anything to hurt his feelings.

I think Hunter broke the dish on purpose.

Dan didn't even act sick.

I can lend you one if you want.

What were you going to do?

My life seems unreal.

He eats nothing but fruit.

The car is waxed and shining.

I hope that will change soon.

Ravi is looking for a place to live.

Merril loves me and I love him too.

Can you show me how to tie a tie?

I'm shy, but I take care of myself.


The number of pupils in this room is 25.

We won't leave anyone here by themselves.

I asked him where he was going.

Sundar is young enough to be your daughter.

There was a sudden change in the weather.

I'm sure you understand what needs to be done.

I report to work at 9 o'clock every morning.


I wish I could tell you who that is.


She was a real ugly duckling as a kid.

This issue should be voted on.

Do you have a place to stay?

Reflect on your own motives when making a decision.

We all jumped at the crashing noise.

You must do your duty, whether you like it or not.

Joe had a break down.


The building stood beside the river.

My father will come home at the end of this week.

I can't believe I listened to you.

Is that suitable?

They smiled at one another.

Don't interrupt me when I'm talking!

He has a huge feather.

The band paraded the streets.

Persian is not a difficult language.

The Linux kernel is monolithic.

I've turned into the most annoying type of student.

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No one told me this might happen.

We're on probation.

She often takes advantage of his ignorance.


It's a complete joke.

I thanked Lawrence for her help.

Where can I get the airport bus?

My bum hates me today.

These books were expensive.

Don't touch that doorknob.

Good and bad are just names.


This island is six times bigger than Manhattan.

He can say such things.

He is the tallest in his class.

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He put me in touch with the kidnappers.

Let me come in.

You and I'll never be on the same side.

Shean says that Mann has a new girlfriend.

I forgot that today was April Fool's Day.

Amanda started snoring.

It took me three trips to the supermarket to buy everything we needed for tonight's party.


The walls between the countries with the most and those with the least cannot stand.

Some people will close the windows.

Sofoklis was the only one who didn't have a driver's license.

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Stay at home till noon.

I've got a class in a few minutes.

People in Minnesota are nice.

The children played with wooden blocks.

They explained it.


Sid did it without my help.


It's a quotation from Don Quixote.


Carter is being kind of devious, isn't he?

Raj stopped the video.

You are such a liar.


You're a middle child, too, aren't you?

We're spending too much money.

Hotta brought a cup of tea to me.

Francis will be arriving any moment.

He keeps harping on about declining standards in education.